Members of Keep It In the Ground Sussex (KIIGS) started our local petition with 55 signatures on Saturday 14th February despite the showers for Global Divestment Day. Thanks to all who helped. We are asking East Sussex County Council’s pension fund to divest from fossil fuels. The pension fund has around £185 million in fossil fuel companies. Lots of people employed by local councils, academies and other organisations will be members of this scheme.


The petition is now online here… 

A growing number of universities, local authorities, religious institutions and other organisations  around the world have already committed to move their pension funds and other investments away from fossil fuels. These include the British Medical Association, the Society of Friends (the Quakers), the World Council of Churches and the Rockefeller Foundation. The universities of Glasgow and Bedfordshire have also committed to not invest in the fossil fuel industry. This is the fastest-growing divestment movement ever.


Move Your Money has revealed how much the major banks are propping up the oil, coal and gas industries with our savings.

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