Buy locally produced food & drink: it’ll keep the town alive and is more likely to continue to be available – no matter what happens to supermarkets (and their prices) in the future. See: Lewes Food Market, Lewes Farmers’ Market, Laporte’s, Harveys. Take a look at Where To Buy for local sources of basic food items.

Grow your own fruit & veg. – they’re fresher and better. If you don’t have a garden you could share an allotment with the Lewes Organic Allotment Project or start growing food on your doorstep with Food up Front. See: The Lottie Project, Ringmer Orchard

Start storing: if supermarket distribution breaks down (due to extreme weather, lack of fuel…) we’re only three days away from food shortages. A sack of rice and bag of lentils could suddenly look very appealing, and would at least give you the energy to go foraging! See: Just Trade, Infinity Foods

Stop wasting food – think of the price you paid for the item you’re about to chuck in the bin & then visualise throwing the money in instead. It really works! See: TTL Waste Group, LOVE FOOD hate waste


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