The Transition Town Lewes Finance Group consists of two people at present acting as administrators of TTL funds.

The Finance Group supervises the financial affairs of TTL in terms of keeping records and accounts of receipts and payments from the main TTL bank account. It reports monthly to the Contacts Group.

All funds are the responsibility of the individual groups. The Finance Group helps manage funds and supervises and makes payments to and from group funds held within the main account. It can help any TTL group manage their funds whether from donations, grants or receipts from events. Some groups have their own bank accounts and administer these themselves.

Details of how finances and funding procedures are handled within TTL are here: finance and funding procedures. This was prepared in the summer of 2008 and needs to be updated although the principles remain.

A constitution reflecting the way TTL works was also prepared, primarily for use in funding applications before groups took responsibility for their own funds. This can be seen here: TTL CONSTITUTION.

To ensure accountability within TTL, each group is asked to keep records and receipts of all money passing through their hands.

It is proposed that applications for funding and the management of grants will be handled by groups themselves. The Finance Group is not involved in managing TTL’s contractual obligations with existing grants or future grants, and these are to be managed by the TTL Group or individual responsible. Of course the Finance Group are happy to give advice on how to ensure project accountability and record keeping. Each project will be managed by the TTL group responsible according to the requirements of the individual funder.

All funding applications by groups should be discussed with TTL Steering Group.

Meetings At the moment we do not hold regular meetings but update figures monthly by email. Julia Waterlow and Susan Murray are currently the two members of the Finance Group. Meetings happen as the need arises.

New people who would like to be involved or help out are always welcome. Use the email address below to get in touch.

Contact: Julia Waterlow

Transition Town Lewes Annual Report 2008 to 2009

TTL Financial Statement 27.2.2015 TO 1.3.2016

TTL Financial Statement 27.2.2014 to 1.3.2015

TTL Financial Statement 27.2.2013 to 1.3.2014

TTL Financial Statement 27.2.2012 to 1.3.2013


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