Sunday February 10th 2008, 12 – 4.30pm
with Pippa Johns, permaculturalist

We, a group of about 12, met at the proposed location for the forest garden at the Landport allotment site, bringing packed lunches and flasks of tea.

Pippa’s plan for the day was:
• 12.20-12.45 Unthemed observation of the site, then feedback and noting down comments
• 12.45-13.15 Themed observation in groups of soil, plants, surroundings, climate, people, animals including wildlife that interact with site
• 13.15-13.45 Lunch
• 13.45-14.00 Short introduction to forest gardens by Pippa
• 14.00- 14.45 Our visions – what would we like it to look like in 5 years? What is happening here? First on our own, then in pairs, then sharing our visions
• 15.00-15.15 Skills and resources audit, including time, money
• 15.15-15.45 Elements we want to include (pairs/group agreement)
• 15.45-16.10 What will we put where?
• 16.10-16.30 Timescale/next steps

We didn’t manage to get through all of it, but we learnt and achieved a lot in our observation of the site and the beginnings of our design. We also established a group of ethusiastic and committed forest gardeners!

Our next step is to secure a site for the forest garden. We are looking for smallish spaces of perhaps un- or underused land in Lewes. Let us know if you have any ideas!


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