A new social enterprise is seeking to set up a community aquaponics system here in Lewes – but they need space to do it.
Neil Whichelow and Emma Poole have, between them, been involved in sustainable food generation for 30 years. Aquaponics is an efficient food production system that combines farming fish and vegetation in a symbiotic environment where water and nutrients are naturally recycled and reused, and food can be grown free of environmental pollutants.

Green Acre Aquaponics

It is claimed that aquaponics can use 90-98% less water than conventional soil-based farming. While simple systems are used to raise fish and edible plants – they can be expanded to include fruit and fresh flowers too.You can learn more about aquaponics here

As well as setting up a working community system, Neil and Emma are devising a flatpack aquaponics system to be used in schools and homes. Emma says: “Aquaponics needs no manual watering and minimal weeding so it’s great for people with mobility issues. It also opens up food growing to people with no land – as small systems can be set up on a balcony or flat roof.”
To set up the enterprise, Neil and Emma are looking for

Land or property that’s south-facing
Has access to water and electricity
In or close to Lewes
Can be any size from 30 metres square upwards.

Emma adds: “Introducing aquaponics systems could help provide families with year-round fresh vegetables, fruit and fish, whilst significantly decreasing their food miles. With populations set to increase substantially, assuring local food security is a major priority. It’s essential for the next generations to have the skills to grow their own food.”

If you can help or would like to support the enterprise in any way, contact Neil and Emma at aquaponic_life@icloud.com


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