Lewes Library of Things: An empowering hedge experience!

Ann Link celebrates the joys of being able to borrow rather than buy an electric hedge trimmer from the brilliant Lewes Library of Things based in Landport.

I got this wonderful hedge trimmer from Lewes Library of Things after I saw it on a stall at the Landport Barbeque.

We have been clipping and cutting away at our unruly hedges for years with secateurs and shears. I knew nothing about power tools, and was reluctant to buy some lump of plastic and metal that might not be any good. I joined the Library of Things straight away online for free, and booked the trimmer for a Thursday.

Then we had a few hours on two days feeling powerful and getting scratched by twigs, and returned it with thanks on the Saturday morning. We gave a donation, but the tools are free at the point of use. The Library is open at Landport Community Room, 2a Horsfield Road, Lewes, BN7 2TA, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings from 10.30 to 12.30. For more details see: https://leweslibraryofthings.myturn.com/library

What else can you borrow

There’s a great variety of equipment available including tents and other camping equipment, cleaning and gardening items, DIY tools and other things as diverse as a humidifier, a folding table and an ice cream maker. Browse them at https://leweslibraryofthings.myturn.com/library/inventory/browse

You can see everything before you decide to join. The Library is run by volunteers and relies on donations to cover costs. In future they hope to have a vehicle to help with getting larger items to borrowers.


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