Electric cargo bikes go live in Lewes

Get Bikery is an electric cargo bike venture for Lewes, aiming to help cut congestion and pollution in our town and nearby areas by providing a greener, cleaner and quieter way to transport loads in and around town. District Councillor Matthew Bird invites TTL supporters to come and give it a spin.

Get Bikery is a brand-new eCargo bike social venture for Lewes. Set up by local community energy company OVESCo, in partnership with Lewes District Council, with funding from the Energy Saving Trust, it aims to provide a carbon emissions-free way to transport goods and items locally – with electric power helping to take the strain of transporting loads around Lewes’ hilly streets and roads.


Why does Lewes need e-cargo bikes?

A recent article in The Guardian reports there are now almost 450 independent businesses and tradespeople across the UK transforming the sight, sound and smell of our cities and towns by delivering goods to customers using nothing but electricity and pedal-power.

As in any town or city, a lot of Lewes’ traffic is created by vehicles travelling very short distances – often because someone needs to transport something they can’t easily move on foot. By giving local businesses, tradespeople and households access to electric cargo bikes, Get Bikery is looking to reduce the hundreds of short vehicle trips taken every week, which in turn can help to:

  • Tackle climate change
  • Reduce traffic and congestion
  • Improve air quality

Get Bikery is also planning to provide community training and volunteering opportunities – so it’s also a great way to build skills and be part of a pioneering venture that could really make a huge difference to the well-being of our town.


The Get Bikery Fleet

Get Bikery has a mixed fleet of eight eCargo bikes and trailers which can be used for wide range of tasks and loads. The front-loading bikes are designed to be used mainly for deliveries and big loads. The Tern bikes are ideal for households with limited space that want to trial an eCargo bike as an alternative to short car journeys.

As part of the initial trial, Get Bikery will provide:

  • A delivery service for local traders, makers and creatives to customers within a three-mile radius.
  • A fortnightly and monthly hire service for local micro-businesses on a ‘try before you buy basis’.
  • A weekly hire by local households interested in trying eCargo bikes.

Bikes will be provided fully charged – and can be recharged at homes or business premises using the standard mains supply. Bikes can typically travel 30 miles on a full charge but this will vary depending on power mode, load etc. Hire costs are yet to be determined but will be affordable and on a sliding scale.


Get involved

Get Bikery is operating from central Lewes. If you are interested in trialling a bike, or helping to run the service, contact getbikery@ovesco.org.uk or call 07890 617 247

Get Bikery is also seeking further funding. So if you would like to support the venture financially – or know an individual or organisation who might, we’d also love to hear from you.



  1. Peter Colebourn

    Fantastic idea. Would be happy to help in any way. Already use my own bike extensively. Idea could be extended to Ringmer and Firle/Glynde easily using cycle tracks.
    Happy to volunteer on deliveries as an active retired old man.

    • Chris

      Please call 07890 617 247 and let GetBikery know of your interest.


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