Transition Town Lewes is planning a series of online events looking at how to make our homes more eco-friendly – so tell us what you’d like know about when it comes to home heating, insulation and power.

Transition Town Lewes Open Eco House events have always been hugely well attended. Obviously, we can’t currently hold events where you can visit people’s homes in person. So we’re planning some live online sessions to show what people in and around Lewes have been doing to their homes to combat climate change, and make their properties warmer and more energy efficient.

The sessions, which are planned for February onward, will look at:

Heating: heat pumps v gas boilers and oil; wood-fired heating;

Insulation: wall, roof, floor, internal and external insulation; double/secondary glazing; draughtproofing;

Power: photovoltaic panels and batteries; energy efficient appliances; changing your energy supplier; solar water-heating;

So let us know what in particular you’d like to know about any of these topics. Have you got any specific technical questions, or concerns about costs, installation or planning? Tell us in the Comments section below or email us here and we’ll endeavour to provide answers in the online sessions.

And if there are any other topics you’d like us to cover in future online eco-events, please share!


  1. Daisy

    I’d love to understand what’s the best setting for my heating radiators over winter to save money and electricity. I really don’t understand if it’s best to put on all the time at low level or on and off through day. That would be super helpful to know. Thank you

  2. Julia Waterlow

    That I can help you with. The perceived wisdom (Ovo Energy and others) is that it’s better only to turn it on when you need it, not keep it on all day. To be most efficient the boiler should be set around 70 degrees for the central heating and about 60 degrees for the hot water. The biggest savings to be made though are by stopping draughts and increasing the insulation. We are planning a session on insulation on 18th February, details to follow in our next newsletter. Julia

  3. Liz

    I’m planning to refurbish my flat in a Victorian terrace and would like to know more about the Green homes grant and what I could use it for. Also whether heat pumps or photovoltaic panels are suitable for small scale projects (it’s a small flat!). thank you.


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