7.30pm 10th October 2018 at the Elephant and Castle
Tickets available in advance from the pub and on the door depending on availability, £3 donation to cover costs.

Driverless carsTTL are hosting an evening of discussion and debate on the subject of driverless vehicles. It’s part of a project aiming to cultivate national conversations on topics of social importance. In collaboration with Thinking Box we will be presenting some of the latest information and predictions on driverless vehicles and then spending about an hour on facilitated discussions in small groups on many different aspects of this emerging technology.  More…

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already upon us but many questions remain about how dramatically they might impact our lives. How do you feel about them and how much do you really know about the technology? Will they mean less air travel?  How safe will they be, who should control the algorithms that control the AVs and how will employment be affected? These are just a few of the dilemmas we hope to discuss.

Below is a link to an introductory video that you might like to look at beforehand. It makes some of the more bold claims about the impact of AVs and the evening’s session will invite people to question what they really think will happen.


You might like to do some research beforehand, or just turn up on the evening and take it from there.

Please contact Julia at juliacwaterlow@hotmail.com if you have any questions