Donate-a-Drink now supported by six local businesses

Six Lewes businesses now support the Donate-a-Drink scheme, whereby customers can add £3 to their bill to be given as envelopes of Lewes Pounds to clients of local food banks to spend locally.


The Lewes Pound is delighted to announce that there are now six Lewes businesses that support Lewes food banks through its Donate-a-Drink scheme, whereby customers can add £3 to their bill which will be given out as envelopes of Lewes Pounds to clients of the local food banks. They are: Cheese Please, Depot Cinema, Harveys, the Patisserie, the Riverside cafe and Seasons.

Fran from Cheese Please said, “Cheese Please is thrilled to be part of this wonderful scheme. The stickers we have up are already generating interest from our caring customers.”

Debbie from the Landport Food Bank says, “It is scandalous that food banks are needed in our town, but sadly with the ever-increasing rises in the cost of living they are ever more necessary. The food banks in Lewes try to provide the essentials to our clients using Fareshare and very generous donations from a wide range of other sources.”

She adds: “However there is more to life than survival and we know just how much it means to our clients when they can take their family to the cinema, have a coffee out, or just buy good quality food from local businesses. Please make use of the Donate-a-Drink scheme and bring some pleasure into the lives of those we are helping. It is so easy to do and makes such a difference. One recipient said, for instance, that for the first time ever she was able to go into Bags of Books and buy books for her grandchildren.”


Want to get involved?

The Lewes Pound would be delighted to hear from any other local businesses that would like to support the scheme. Just contact Susan on for more information.



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