If you have been meaning to donate a drink to a local food bank customer whilst visiting the Depot now is the time. The Lewes Pound will be collecting donations from the Depot and giving them out to food banks on 10th December so you have just a week to join in to ensure that they can enjoy a treat before Christmas… It’s easily done and spreads a bit of festive cheer. When buying your drink tell the staff member serving you that you’d like to donate a drink to a food bank and pay for that in addition to your own. This money is set aside and converted into Lewes Pounds to be given out by the food banks. It is as simple as that.


Food banks are great at providing the basics of survival, but there is more to life than that and you can help the socially excluded to be able to enjoy the kind of things many of us take for granted. With this idea everyone can make a small contribution to the well-being of another Lewes resident.

The scheme is intended to run and run so you can keep on donating into the run-up to Christmas and on into 2019.

NB This project is supported by the Depot and the Lewes Pound, but you can Donate a Drink at the Depot in either sterling or Lewes Pounds.


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