is about the creation of resilient communities. It’s not about campaigning but designing. It’s about putting in place systems that will help us to deal with the big changes that are on the way. Those changes will be in three main areas: energy, the economy and the environment.



will become more expensive and harder to obtain over the next few decades as global supply falls while demand grows.

Top Myths for Wind Energy  from renewableUK puts the case for wind turbines.

Johann Hari: Demanding cheaper oil is disastrous is a good summary of our quandary.

The Observer article on oil prices: Urgent steps needed to wean UK onto other energy sources, MPs say is worth reading.


The Price of oil graph


The global economy

is predicated on growth. Even without the banking sector siphoning money into the hands of the already wealthy, the economy at large will begin to experience systemic collapse as energy supplies dwindle. 

Inside Job (trailer only) traces the connections between government and financial institutions, as well as theoretically independent academics, showing how they combined to trigger excessive profit-taking and endanger the wider economy.

You might like to join the TTL Better Banking group – whose aim it is to localising money supply.

To learn more about the global economy, environment and our energy needs take a look at Chris Martenson’s website…

It’s well worth watching this half hour video of Richard Heinberg’s recent talk in Totnes. It puts what we’re doing in perspective.





we are already seeing the impacts of global warming, and resource depletion as the products we depend on are used up. is an international civic organization that promotes activism on issues such as climate change.  

Friends of the Earth are currently campaigning to Fix the Food Chain


The key to the solution of these massive problems is localisation. Food, water, energy, transport, money supply, waste management – everything essential to normal life. Not ‘localism’ – that is a political policy – but an informed course of action by groups within communities that can see what’s coming.

On the other pages of this site you’ll see what we have started to do here in Lewes. It’s all fun and it’s all community based. Some of it has attracted a lot of attention. But what’s more important is how well-designed and lasting it is – time will tell! But the benefits include reconnecting with and valuing each other and our precious environment, and we’d want to do that anyway.

Dirk Campbell


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