By Chris Rowland of Ovesco

If you visited our own local energy guru’s SuperHome in September, you’ll know that Nick Rouse has installed a Tesla battery to manage electricity generated from his rather large 5.9KW PV array and to help power his electric car. The battery allowed Nick’s house to supply his entire electricity needs and on top of that, export to the grid this summer. What Nick installs today, we’ll all be installing over the next decade!


Sadly, Nick is currently recovering at home from a cycling accident (we need more cycling paths), otherwise I would have asked him to employ his technical knowhow to write this article about the talks given last week at Cooksbridge Hall on ‘Energy Storage and the Transition to a Sustainable Economy’, which was organised by The Green Growth Platform & Brighton University. The speakers were Joy Aloor (left), Head of Power Technologies at Siemens PTI, David Middleton from Origami Energy & Thomas Maidonis, an Energy Economist at National Grid. 

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