Climate Crisis and COP26: Collaboration or Catastrophe? 

15th September 7.30pm, Sussex University and online
Professor Liz Hill explains why the COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow this November is so critical and the steps countries will need to take to prevent climate catastrophe.


For the last 26 years, global leaders have met annually to try to reach agreements to prevent the global increases in temperature that we are now experiencing. In this presentation, Liz Hill, Emeritus Professor of Environmental Toxicology at the University of Sussex, will explain why scientists think that the COP26 meeting in Glasgow this November is our last chance is to prevent further catastrophic effects of global warming.

She will also discuss the actions that countries need to take to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases to net zero in time to prevent climate catastrophe; the issues of historical pollution and global inequity which are preventing global co-operation; the geopolitics of the main emitting countries and the role of climate diplomacy; the role of faith leaders; and the practical actions that governments, communities and individuals can take to reach net zero emissions and limit further global temperature rises.

Professor Hill is a regular participant in thinktank meetings where she has previously presented seminars on the effects of plastics and other environmental contaminants on human and wildlife health.

The talk will be in person and on Zoom. For venue and Zoom details please contact David Smith at


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