How will I be charged?
Members will be billed monthly for their car use and
mileage. Members can elect to pay by direct debit, credit or debit card, bank
transfer or cheque.

joining fee
: £25
: Free
Membership fee
: FreeHourly
: £4
: £0.19 per mile
rate (24hr)
: £36
rate (8pm to 8am)
: £12
Monthly Charge
: £5
insurance deposit
: £150 or free if you sign-up to direct debit.

Who benefits from
joining a car club?

– People
who just need a car occasionally and don’t want the expense and hassle of
owning and running one

– People
who currently run a car and are doing a medium to low mileage – e.g. less
than 8,000 miles per year

– People
who don’t own a car, but would like to have access to one for occasional

– Two-car
families, who wouldn’t need their second car if they could sometimes hire
one for an hour or two

– Businesses
which use pool cars or staff’s own vehicles for business trips can use car
club vehicles instead.

How do I join?
Apply online, or by phone. Commonwheels will confirm your
details with the DVLA. They will discuss insurance, and membership options with
you. Your membership will be confirmed within a few days.

Who can join?
Broadly speaking, anybody with a full valid licence held for
at least 12 months. Eligibility varies according to restrictions imposed by the
car club insurers, and you will be asked about any endorsements, convictions or
insurance claims when you apply.

How do I make a

Members have the choice to book online or by telephone. You
can book just a few minutes in advance and cars can also be booked up to 12
months in advance to ensure peace of mind for important engagements or regular
trips. The vehicles also have on-board computers so you can extend, or make new
bookings, during use, by phone.

Will a car be there
when I need it?

In the unlikely event that the car isn’t in its bay when you
arrive to pick it up, we’ll get an alternative means of transport to you
straight away. If we need to get you a taxi for your trip, we will, and you
will only pay car club charges.

Where are the
vehicles based?

One is within 100 metres of Lewes railway station located at
Pinwell Road
in a marked parking bay specially designated for car club cars. The second is
located at East Street
car park again in a marked parking bay specially designated for carclub cars.

Will I be able to
book a car for longer periods, e.g. to use on holiday?

There are special rates for members who want to book cars
for a longer hire period. All members can book cars at any of Commonwheels

Can a car club
provide a range of cars to choose from?
Currently two Ford Fiesta ECOnetic vehicles will be available with the aim
to increase the fleet to include larger load carrying vehicles for businesses
or large families.

Who cleans and
maintains the cars?

Our cars are cleaned regularly inside and out, and should
always be in good order. Members are expected to leave our cars as they find
them, and be considerate to fellow drivers. It’s unlikely that you’ll find our
cars looking messy, but if it happens, let us know and we’ll charge the guilty
party with a cleaning fee.

Who fills it with

If the tank’s running low, simply refill using the car’s
fuel card accepted in most petrol stations. You should return the car with a
quarter tank of fuel.

What happens if I
have an accident in the car?

Then contact us on the emergency contact number immediately,
and we’ll make sure that you and the car get home quickly and safely. If the
accident was your fault, you will have to pay the excess, and the rest will
obviously be covered.

What happens if the
car breaks down?

We have roadside assistance cover which protects all of our
members. If you break down, contact us straight away and we’ll get someone out
to you.

What happens if I
need the car for longer than I booked?

You can extend your booking by calling the club, or using
the on-board computer, unless another member is already waiting for the car. If
you keep the car longer than your booking without contacting the car club, you
will have to pay a penalty charge.


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