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Sir David Attenborough warns of climate ‘crisis moment’
In the last few weeks the news has been buzzing with airtime on climate change and the environment.  Of course top of the list is David Attenborough who has given a clear warning that we need to act now.

There have also been some more in depth programmes as the BBC wakes up to the crisis.  A series of short programmes on Radio 4 called Green Originals documents pioneering individuals who have swum against the tide to talk about the environment.

Michael Rosen talks to George Marshall (Radio 4) in an interesting piece on communicating climate change which tends to suggest the main trigger to our belief and action is when we trust the source of our information

A favourite programme of mine, More or Less, again on Radio 4, talks about the classic statistic often quoted by the government that our emissions have gone down about 40% since 1991.  All of course is not as it seems … talk about spin ..

And I just have to mention this article: Rise of SUVs ‘makes mockery’ of electric car push which looks at the rise in sales of SUVs (sports utility vehicles) which outstrips the sales of electric vehicles by 37 to 1. I cannot understand why these are not taxed more heavily or even banned outright if we are serious about climate change.

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