Call on East Sussex to ban glyphosate spraying

Share and sign a crucial petition to get our county council and highways agency to stop using a chemical that’s a danger to people and wildlife, including essential pollinators.

What’s so bad about glyphosate?

Glyphosate is a chemical herbicide that is a danger to human and animal health. In 2015 the World Health Organisation found that glyphosate was a likely carcinogen. There is mounting evidence that glyphosate solutions damage the life-cycles of important pollinators (bees and other insects), as well as other animal species (earthworms, hedgehogs).

The Pesticide Action Network reports that 60 councils including councillors across the political spectrum have pledged to ban glyphosate and use alternative weed treatments. This includes Lewes and Eastbourne councils.

It is time for East Sussex County Council and East Sussex Highways to do the same but it will take hundreds of signatories to the petition to get them to sit up and take notice.

Please sign and share the petition by clicking here.

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  1. Dawn Casey

    Glyphosate is poisonous to human health. It must be banned in all places, including parks, verges, flower-beds – everywhere. I urge you to act now to protect public health (as well as the health of endangered British wildlife like Hedgehogs, and vital pollinators). Thank you.


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