1 OVESCO Limited (FSA registered company No.
30875R) 2 Station Street, Lewes, BN7 2DA. Tel: 01273 472405, E-mail
hello@ovesco.co.uk www.ovesco.co.uk.
The Ouse Valley Energy Services Company Ltd
was established in 2007 to encourage energy-saving practices in
domestic, business and public buildings, and to create local generation
of non-polluting energy. In 2010 the company directors founded OVESCo Limited:
• to help individuals reduce their energy bills and their carbon footprint
• to contribute to local and national CO2 reduction targets
• to generate electricity from green sources (solar, wind, etc)
• to make jobs by supporting local firms to gain the benefit of this important new market
• to reduce UK dependence on imported fuels
• to assist local people whose houses are not suited to existing forms of renewable generation
to make their homes more energy efficient.

An Industrial and Provident Society, or IPS, is a recognised and
legally structured way to enable people to invest in community assets,
and gives all investors equal control over decisions. No payments to
Directors or other parties are made, and the shares cannot be traded.
Many organisations that generate green energy take this form.

The feed-in tariff, paid for each unit of electricity generated and
currently guaranteed by government for 25 years, will enable Ovesco to
pay dividends to investors.