Air Pollution & Health: How to tackle the challenge in Lewes

Thursday 10 June, 7.30pm, online – FREE

In advance of Clean Air Day on 17 June, join an online panel discussion on the state of air pollution in the UK and in Lewes and what steps are being taken to address it.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk we face today. Poor air quality affects many aspects of our health and well-being.

This discussion organised by Cycle Lewes and Lewes Living Streets in collaboration with Lewes Climate Hub and Seaford Environmental Alliance looks to build awareness on the impact of air pollution on our health, understand some of the key issues in Lewes and talk about what we can all do to tackle them.

The event has a great line-up of speakers including Frank Kelly, who as chair of a government committee has worked for over 20 years to move air pollution up the political agenda; this includes work to improve air quality in London. In the late 1990s when government was encouraging us to buy diesel cars to reduce carbon emissions Kelly warned that they while they might be less damaging to the planet than petrol, they were more damaging to our health.

He will be joined by Rachel Sadler, Lewes District Council’s specialist adviser on Air Quality, and Noel Fadden, Head Teacher from Southover Primary.  The event will include time to put your own questions to the panellists.

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Speakers Details

Frank Kelly 

Pollution is one of our biggest public health threats causing damage to the environment, people’s health and quality of life. Its impact on our lives is less well understood by the public than for example smoking yet research shows it has similar harms and impact.

Frank Kelly has worked since late 1990’s on effects of air pollution and health and moving the issue up the political agenda. Working within a team he continues to carry out ground breaking and wide ranging work in London and elsewhere to improve air quality.

Rachel Sadler
Lewes District Council has a responsibility to monitor air quality and produce an action plan to reduce pollutants where they are potentially harmful to health.

Rachel Sadler, Air Quality Officer at Lewes District Council, works on matters related to air quality management and air pollution control. She leads on the development and delivery of LDC’s Air Quality Strategy and Plans.

Noel Fadden
Supported by parents and the school community, Noel Fadden, Head Teacher at Southover Primary School, has led the introduction of the first ‘School Street in Lewes’.  Noel is an important advocate for safer streets as a pro-active solution to tackling air pollution, vehicle congestion and danger around school. The work is supported by Sustrans and East Sussex County Council. Noel will be joined by several parents.




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