– Gather like-minded people together, share our areas and expertise, bring our personal skills to the task.
– Exchange ideas, send out messages, write letters, spread the word, pass it on!
– Engage with wider community, schools, universities, young and old.

– Write to Norman Baker – everyone, with our own composition sharing information
– We will produce a short summary of the arguments and demands for keeping fossil fuels in the ground, and share it to use in talking, writing and other ways of raising awareness
– Give local talks
– Use posters to highlight campaign. We have Lynda Durrant’s Oil Giant (link to poster) and some posters designed by students from Ringmer Academy
– We will pass it on – each tell someone every week, maybe in a letter, maybe talking to someone we know
– Support anti-fracking campaigns
– We will meet monthly, think about structure, and begin to plan for the next year or so.

Next regular meeting is in June 2014, 7.30pm, upstairs in the Lewes Arms – all welcome.

Contact Ann Link or Arnold Simanowitz


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