Most people who read TTL News already take the climate crisis seriously. But amid much other stuff occupying bandwidth, we need to see things that make it easier to take action and talk to others. These compelling videos express our predicament well: Curbing emissions with a new “carbon law” and Beyond the Anthropocene. We can keep a stable climate if we start now to junk all fossil fuel hardware

In this country, people are not waiting for government action: councils have been declaring a climate emergency: Scarborough, a Tory council, has committed to become carbon neutral by 2030. Bristol plans to become carbon neutral by 2030.

On 29th March there is to be a conference for local authorities about going for zero carbon by 2030. Our councillors and officials could go if we tell them about it/ask them.

A reminder of the priorities Christiana Figueres mentioned. These include talking to and voting for politicians who will do something about the risks we all face, as well as personal action on food, travel and investments.

Extinction Rebellion, which includes non-violent direct action, has an active local group: contact Mark Engineer.


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