HKD Transition‘s newsletter drew our attention to these items:


Scientists say we have 12 years to stop the planet warming above 1.5C. Can we do it? History is full of examples of rapid change. See this short BBC video on climate change reminding us that history tells us rapid transition is not only possible but that it can also have unintended and hugely positive consequences:


This is the chunk of carbon emissions that a particular individual or organisation is responsible for, usually expressed as a number of tonnes per year – a higher number means a bigger footprint. That number’s influenced by all sorts of factors, from big-picture stuff like how your country generates its electricity, right down to the number of cat videos you watch on YouTube. Click on the BBC’s website for a carbon footprint of your favourite food

All the figures for each food are global averages, and there will always be individual variations – if you look at Harvey’s beer, it may have lower impact because of using its own water supply, having solar PV panels, and sourcing and selling locally.


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