The Ouse Valley Energy Service Company – distributing energy grants and energy advice for Lewes District Council and working towards community-owned renewable energy

Project start:
Contact: Chris Rowland

The Ouse Valley Energy Service Company or OVESCo was set up in 2007. The company is an Industrial and Provident Society for community benefit. OVESCo provides the following services on behalf of Lewes District Council:

  • Energy Advice and grants for Insulation and Heating
  • Grants for Renewables to generate heat and power for homes
  • PV for industrial roofs: OVESCo is actively seeking potential roof space to lease in East Sussex for community PV systems.
  • Wind turbine and water hydro sites: If you have windy site in East Sussex suitable for a medium size wind turbine such as on a farm or access to a river with a weir and want to generate power as part of a community project, please let us know.

OVESCo’s additional services include:
Investigating ways to produce Local Sustainable Power by using natural resources to produce heat and power for the benefit of the local community. This includes projects to use resources such as wind, water, wave, sun and biomass fuel in a sensitive and sustainable way.

OVESCo is an IPS and is not for profit using all its resources, as well as voluntary help to work towards a sustainable, low-carbon future. Our aim is to help the people in the Lewes District area and East Sussex find ways to cope with climate change and the rising cost of fossil fuels such as gas and oil.


  1. keith dance

    looking for company for ground source heat pump system for 3 bed house


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