The second phase of the public consultation
by Lewes District Council over its Local Development Framework (LDF) is just
about to begin. This is your chance to enter into the current mechanism offered
by our democratic process to influence the outline of the framework for
planning decisions over the next 20 years (up to 2030).

is the LDF?
  The Local
Development Framework
  ‘does what it says on the tin’ – it sets out (frames)
the issues that will be taken into account in, and the perceived priorities
for, spatial planning decisions to be taken by the local
area over the period up to 2030.  It consists of a new portfolio of documents (Local Development Documents) that can
be tailored to suit the different needs of a particular area and can be easily
updated. Central to the LDF is the Core
which sets out a
vision for Lewes District and identifies the areas in the District where new
development or change is to take place up to 2030.
[The Local Development Framework replaces the previous system of county level Structure
and district level Local Plans, and Unitary Development Plans for Unitary

is the LDF important?
Because ‘it
does what it says on the tin’, setting up the frame in which decisions on
planning for the district will be taken for the next 20 years. The framework
WILL influence what is taken into consideration and what are seen as the
priorities in the planning process for that period. If you don’t like what is
being framed as important or as priorities by the District Council and the
South Downs National Park Authority (or alternatively, you do like it and want to support it), this is the opportunity to have you say.

you influence the process?
This is a
very good question and not an easy one to answer! It will likely depend on what
you want to influence (e.g. influencing a particular specific point/issue is
likely to be easier and more likely than influencing an approach or strategic
direction); how much time and effort you put in; how well researched and
evidence-based your point is; how many others support (and make known their
support for) your point, etc., etc.

The Emerging Core Strategy can be seen online at
The same webpage features the Sustainability Appraisal (incorporating
a Strategic Environmental Assessment), a housing background paper, an
Appropriate Assessment Screening Opinion as well as a
summary document containing the views of the
previous consultation on the Core Strategy and how they have
influenced the Emerging Core Strategy.

background documents
have also been published which
have informed the production of the Core Strategy to date. 
They can be found on the webpage.  


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