Ann Link is currently working on KIIGS; campaigning to keep most fossil fuels in the ground and for a global cap on carbon emissions, and When I’m 84; planning a festival to celebrate our progress towards a liveable, flourishing Lewes in 2030.

With Transition in mind

Was there a specific ‘light bulb’ moment for you?
When I first heard about Peak Oil and making a plan to use far less of it, in 2005. I just thought: “this could be the future – it’s obvious to begin to prepare for it. Now I think climate change is the crucial reason.

What lifestyle choices have you made that might inspire other people?
I think I am a bit too obsessive to actually inspire people – I try to do everything I can to support low carbon and local, especially food.. When we refurbished our house though, I realised it was as important for it to be beautiful as to be low carbon – that should just go without saying. Parts of it are lovely, although we are chronically untidy and I wish I was better at colours and layout.

What are your concerns for the future?
That we might have another five years of austerity, with social mayhem and no capacity to work towards zero carbon. We need to start now. It’s possible to get to zero carbon by 2030 and have a pleasant lifestyle.

What changes would you like to see in Lewes?
Frequent electric buses, and fewer cars and big delivery vehicles – sometimes I think “surely that is too BIG – madness to come through Lewes!” Cycleways everywhere, partly enabled by less parking in centre. It would be nicer to walk and cycle about, and healthier.

Do you have a guilty secret?
I enjoy driving, in favourable conditions – it’s an occasional treat, but not in Lewes.


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