Open: Satuday 22 & Sunday 23 September
11am-1pm & 2-4pm

11 St.Swithun’s Terrace, Lewes  BN7 1UJ

This building demonstrates how far emissions can be reduced for a simple house, by employing the most cost effective measures. Solar panels for hot water were installed several years ago, along with a highly insulated hot water tank. Recently a 1.05 kW PV array was added to help offset the already frugal electricity use. Window heat losses, always a problem with sash windows, were sensibly managed by relatively inexpensive secondary glazing, which also cuts out draughts. The ground floor has been insulated from below, thereby cutting heat losses and, again draughts. Liz and Mike further minimise emissions by using a woodburning stove as the main evening heat source, which displaces gas with near carbon-neutral fuel. By setting the internal thermostat to modest levels, the end result is a building with CO2 emissions that are an impressive 90% below the norm.

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