Support local businesses by spending Lewes Pounds


Did you know that the Lewes Pound (LP) runs a monthly subscription scheme whereby you can get an extra LP1 for every LP20 for which you have a standing order? This means that in these difficult economic times you can have an extra 5% in your purse to spend on supporting our local businesses, explains Lewes Pound’s Susan Murray.

Businesses, in turn, further benefit because they are not incurring transaction charges from card payments.

Most independent stores still accept cash payments. We understand the perceived efficiencies of payment cards and apps but this presents a real problem for the financially excluded in our community who rely on withdrawing a certain amount of cash to enable them to manage their limited money effectively. So let’s support them by continuing to use cash – especially the Lewes Pound – wherever possible.



There are other benefits to Lewes Pounds. This Christmas, the Lewes Pound gave out nearly LP1,800 to local foodbanks through its Donate-a-Drink scheme supported by Cheese Please, Depot, Harveys Brewery Shop, Seasons and the Patisserie. Customers at these participating outlets simply ask to add a ‘Foodbank donation’ of £3 to their bill, which is then distributed to Foodbank clients as Lewes Pounds to spend in local shops and businesses.

The Aviva Community Fund also added a large donation making the Christmas promotion possible. And because the Donate-a-Drink initiative meets its Fund’s key concerns about financial inclusion, Aviva has now awarded a further grant enabling more envelopes of Lewes Pounds to be given out this Easter.

In fact, since the scheme started in 2018 the Lewes Pound has given out LP7,000. Together, these small donations together make a big difference to those who need it most. And in spending Lewes Pounds, recipients are doing their bit to support local businesses.

All donations to support the Donate-a-Drink scheme are welcome. As well as making donations at the outlets detailed above, you can support the scheme at

And if you would like to set up a standing order to receive Lewes Pounds each month (and benefit from receiving LP21 for each LP20 you order!), contact




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