When: Sunday 30 June, 10am for 10.30am-3pm
Where: The Buttercup Cafe, Pastorale Antiques, 15 Malling Street, Lewes. Find venue here
Lunch and refreshments included. FREE

Aims, goals and how to get there
2006, the Transition Movement has sought to bring about change by
encouraging collective activity at a local level. But as the movement
grows, how do we measure and recognise success in transition? As a
community, do we all know and agree on our key aims? Most of all, how
can we tell if we are achieving our goals in the most efficient way?

Based on ‘Theory of Change’ principles, this highly collaborative
workshop – run by Tom Henfrey from Durham University and Jody Boehnert
from EcoLabs – will use visual exploration, brainstorming and break-out
groups so that together we can:

  • Understand theories of change
    and and how they can be used to define the building blocks required to
    bring about a given long-term goal
  • Identify our aims and map the activities needed to achieve those aims
  • Pinpoint the weak spots that hinder progress towards our goals
  • Explore if it is possible for transition resilience to be evaluated and translated into specific measurable targets.

Blueprint for action
working together on these activities we ultimately hope to devise our
own process map for a ‘Transition Theory of Change’, which could help
serve as a blueprint for action and evaluation among other transition

Plus this is a great opportunity for transitioners
to get together and discuss our goals and ambitions – with an
opportunity to enjoy some delicious local, seasonal homemade food in the
beautiful Buttercup Café.

We hope the day will be creative,
collaborative and a lot of fun – and offer practices and ideas that you
can apply within your individual transition group or in other projects
for social change.

Can you join us?
you can participate on Sunday 30 June, please email Sue Fleming on
suemfleming@gmail.com by Friday 7 June.
You can also email any questions
you have. We really look forward to seeing you.

About the Transition Research Network
workshop follows on from TRN’s 2012 project, ‘Connection, participation
and empowerment in community-based research: the case of the Transition
Movement’. This project, for which a number of TTL members were
interviewed, aimed to develop protocols for collaboration between
researchers and transition initiatives in order to help document
transition initiatives’ activities and evaluate their community impact.

Transition Research Network (TRN) is a self-organising peer group of
academics from four universities and community activists which aims to:

  • Help advance understanding and practice in Transition;
  • Support Transition groups to address their research needs
  • Help
    transform the crisis in our universities into an opportunity for
    positive change in research culture, making research relevant,
    fulfilling, and fun.



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