Welcome to the web page for the Lewes Eco Open House event. This takes place annually and involves houses where the owners have taken steps to seriously reduce carbon emissions and also reduce their energy bills. In many cases there have been reductions of 80 or 90% in energy use, CO2 emissions and costs, whilst making houses warmer!

These houses were generously opened up to the public for one weekend during September, to
demonstrate at first hand what can be achieved and pass on the benefit
of their experience.  


11 St.Swithun’s Terrace, Lewes BN7 1UJ

93 Lewes Rd, Ditchling BN6 8TY

2 Holly Cottages, Plumpton Green, BN7 3DQ

Baldy’s Garden, Cuilfail, Lewes

8 Wille Cottages, South St, Lewes BN7 2BX

90 Crisp Rd, Landport, Lewes BN7 2SU

45 South Way, Nevill, Lewes BN7 1LY

1a Middle Way, Nevill, Lewes BN7 1NH

The Green House, Ripe BN8 6BD

Sparrow House, Nevill, Lewes BN7 1DP

Further information (including map) for all the houses in the 2012 brochure


Reasons to visit

Lessons – what succeeded /what could have been done better

Ingenious and often cheap ideas for energy savings

Recommendations for local architects/professionals/contractors

Seeing the technology at first hand