TTL is proud to be part of an exciting new initiative to create a physical centre in Lewes to inform and share ideas on tackling the climate crisis.  Now we’re looking for space to give Lewes Climate Hub a permanent home, says Juliet Oxborrow

As the climate and environmental emergency intensifies, providing local people, businesses and organisations with information on action that’s being taken to address it – and action they can take themselves – is increasingly vital.

That’s why a number of Lewes groups (see below) have got together to set up a physical centre dedicated to the climate crisis. Lewes Climate Hub will be place where anyone can get and share information about local groups, initiatives, enterprises, projects and ideas that can help Lewes shrink its carbon emissions, support our natural environment, and increase our resilience in a world facing  heatwaves, drought and rising sea levels.

Reaching a bigger audience

The idea of setting up climate emergency centres (CECs) is spreading across the UK and other countries. But why have a physical centre?

Well, partly to engage more than the ‘usual suspects’ already involved in climate and environmental action. We know there are lots of people in Lewes who want to learn more – but simply don’t have the time to go online or don’t know which groups to approach. A central Lewes Climate Hub can provide a welcoming, inspiring place for anyone to get involved – regardless of their knowledge of the issues or how much time they have to give.

So what do we need? Lewes Climate Hub needs to be REALLY visible – so we need space right in the heart of town, with plenty of passers-by and big windows for displays and information. We’re currently registering for charitable status so we can qualify for business rate relief – but, obviously, the cheaper premises can be, the better.

Want to help?

We want the Lewes Climate Hub to provide a central focus for climate action, complementing other initiatives such as the online Climate Action Forum that’s just been launched by Lewes District Council.

If you know of any suitable premises – even if they’re only likely to be available for a temporary period of time – or if you’d like to help fund the Lewes Climate Hub, please get in touch at Or if you’d like to learn more, do call me on 01273 483 476.

Lewes Climate Hub is supported by

Common Cause
Community Energy South
Extinction Rebellion Lewes
Friends of Lewes
Lewes Urban Arboretum
Railway Land Wildlife Trust
Ovesco community energy
Plastic Free Lewes
Transition Town Lewes


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