Case histories of local Eco Houses listing

– Measures taken

– Local suppliers/professionals used

– Reductions in energy use and CO2 emissions

More information on the houses here…

Looking for new participants for Lewes Eco Open Houses 2013

Lewes Eco Open Houses will be happening again this year in September and is currently looking for new participants. These are houses that can demonstrate significant reductions in emissions, that are prepared to open to the public for just one or two days, to show what can be done and inspire others to take the plunge. It is a great chance for visitors to see technology at first hand, particularly interesting renewables, and also learn useful lessons and hear of good local tradesmen. You don’t need a Grand Designs palace (although they are welcome too!), as many of the most interesting houses are normal homes that have been refurbished to save energy using creative solutions. Take a look at the 2012 Lewes Eco Open Houses here…

The event has previously taken place over one weekend, but this year may span two, 14/15th and 21/22nd September 2013, depending on numbers, although houses would not be expected to open for both – just one or two days. We are looking for homes both within Lewes itself and also in outlying villages. It would be particularly interesting to see a few off grid homes using new technologies such as heat pumps and biomass boilers. It really is very simple and previous participants have greatly enjoyed it and come back for more! Anyone who is interested, or who would just like to have a chat about it, please email Neil Williams or Julia Waterlow of the TTL Energy group, which runs the event or telephone 07788492204.