Open: Satuday 22 & Sunday 23 September
11am-1pm & 2-4pm

2 Holly Cottages, Plumpton Green BN7 3DQ

Holly cottages represents the kind of problems faced in conservation areas. Nick was obliged to keep the very leaky lattice glazed windows, but greatly reduced heat losses by fitting high performance double glazed secondary panels. The front door, although thin and leaky, also had to be kept for conservation reasons. A replica of the inside of the door out of reclaimed Victorian pine was fixed to the original with insulation between. The solid walls were insulated internally using foam backed plasterboard. As the house is off gas grid, it was originally heated by high emission coal, but now has a ground sourced heat pump, which runs an underfloor heating system. To offset the fairly high electricity demands of this system, Nick has two solar PV arrays totalling 5.9 kW. Around 50% of hot water also comes from solar panels.

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