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Lewes Library of ThingsThe team behind Lewes Repair Café are now looking to set up a Library of Things where items and equipment can be borrowed instead of bought. But they need your help to make it happen.  

It may not be open at the moment but Lewes Repair Café has been a huge success since it started in 2019 – enabling residents to get everyday items mended by local specialists, reducing what needs to be bought new, or thrown away.

Now the team that set up the Lewes Repair Café, led by former councillor Tony Rowell, are looking to set up a Library of Things in town.

Crystal Palace Library of Things – credit: Positive News

Libraries of things are already up and running in Frome, Crystal Palace, Stirling, Edinburgh, Totnes and Oxford, and worldwide. The idea is to provide a range of useful – but only occasionally needed – items and equipment to save residents having to buy them, and make them accessible to everyone regardless of financial means.

Items can range from power washers to cake decorating equipment – with items often getting donated (although libraries of things have to get strict at turning things away so they don’t become a dumping ground for everyone’s unwanted lawnmower or fondue set). Libraries of things may charge a small membership fee or affordable daily hire rates, but it is hoped the Lewes Library of Things will be free to some people.

Tony and the team are hoping to launch the Library of Things in early July. As well as having a permanent presence on Landport Road, Lewes, the team are hoping to acquire an electric van to offer a mobile service across the district so those without a car can still obtain heavy or unwieldy items.

Tony says: ‘I love the idea of a Library of Things which will enable people to borrow items for a project or event that will only be used occasionally. By lending these items we can cut down on consumption and waste and so reduce carbon emissions. It would be great if we could finance an electric vehicle to reach more people but even if we can’t, with a bit more funding there will definitely be a Library of Things in Lewes Town this year.”

How you can help 

  • If you’re interested in supporting the project, which is being run by community interest company Go Local, you can make a donation on its Local Giving page here.
  • If you have items to donate or would like to volunteer, you can email Tony Rowell at
  • You can follow the project’s progress by liking its Facebook page here.


  1. Alan Wyle

    Hello from Guildford,
    This is something I suggested to villages when I was helping them to set up and run their own community shop.
    The other idea I had was “Crop for the Shop”.

  2. Sonya Baksi

    Would you accept unwanted IT equipment like new keyboard, working mouse, screen which are no longer required by owner and loathe to send to dump.?

    • Tony Rowell

      Hi Sonya. These aren’t items that Library of Things generally offer for loan. If you would like them to be used I suggest offering them on freegle. I wouldn’t be surprised if someone there will take them. Tony

  3. Sonya Baksi

    Would the shop accept unwanted IT equipment like new keyboard, working mouse, screen ?

    • Juliet Oxborrow

      Hi Sonya – we’ll pass on your query to Tony – or do email him yourself at the email address shown. We know Libraries of Things have to be very strict about what they do accept. Kind regards, TTL Steering Group.

  4. Julia Waterlow

    Hi Sonya, it’s best to contact Tony at the email address above.



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