ACTIVE groups

Lewes Rain Gardens

Rain gardens are sunken gardens specifically designed to capture and absorb surface water run-off and filter it back into the soil using selected planting. As well as helping to manage surface flooding, they filter pollution and encourage biodiversity.

Contact: Juliet Oxborrow

Lewes Neighbourhood Plan

A group from TTL (and others) are putting together firm ideas to translate into a series of policies… Our key focus is riverside connections for people and wildlife, whilst prioritising flood resilience.

Contact: Kirsten Firth

Keep It In the Ground Lewes (KIIGL)

Campaigning for the East Sussex Pension Fund to divest from fossil fuels.

Contact – Ann Link



It’s a fricassee of high energy individuals who get together to discuss and find ways of reducing the town’s reliance on fossil fuels, re-localising our energy supplies and cutting energy consumption – in response to peak oil and climate change. Local resilience is the way forward. Read more…

Contact – Julia Waterlow

Heart and Soul

An opportunity to explore personal and inner change, in response to the outer environmental change at this transitional time. Read more…

Contact – Sue Fleming

Better Banking

Discovering more ethical and local investment options.

Contact – Ann Link

Lewes & Ouse Valley eco-nomics (L&OVe) – This group will be looking at the things that the Lewes economy gets from healthy local environments, with a view to recognising the value of enhancing local ecosystem health for the resilience of the local economy. Read more…

PAST groups


We’re a group of local people who feel passionate about food. We want to find ways to make sure Lewes can feed itself in future – in a way that reduces carbon emissions and uses less energy. Read more…

Contact – Eileen Bull 


Supporting and promoting  new businesses (from big to very, very small) that help to provide the goods and services that are essential to a fair, sustainable and thriving local economy. Whether you need support getting your own enterprise off the ground – or you have the skills and experience to help young transition businesses, we’d love to hear from you. Read more…

Contact: Juliet Oxborrow


The Waste group’s vision for Lewes in 20 years time is that we try to produce as little waste as possible and deal with as much as we can locally. Read more…

Contact – Jon Gunson

The Local Development Framework  ‘does what it says on the tin’ – it sets out (frames) the issues that will be taken into account in, and the perceived priorities for, spatial planning decisions to be taken by the local authorities area over the period up to 2030.

Lewes 2030

Lewes 2030 is a project to encourage local planning and action towards 2030. It has been started by Transition Town Lewes and Ovesco with Community Energy South, which is an alliance of community energy groups in the south of England.

Contact – Ann Link

There were also groups for the following:




TTL Support Groups


The TTL Communications Group is a strategic thinking and doing group that aims to inspire and help people make changes in their own lives or at a community level. The group’s functions have been incorporated into the Steering group for the time being. 

 Contact – Susan Murray


The Finance Group supervises the financial affairs of TTL in terms of keeping records and accounts of receipts and payments from the main TTL bank account. It reports monthly to the Contacts Group.

Contact – Julia Waterlow

Companies formed by Transition Town Lewes

Lewes Food Market


The Lewes Pound


If you would like to start a new Group, please contact us. There is plenty of support available to anyone starting a new group.

See also: Guidelines for starting and running a new group…

TTL Steering Group – a meeting for all Groups held on the first Wednesday of each month (from 7.30pm). Various locations – tbc.


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