Email your county councillor about the recent ESCC fossil fuel debate

At the East Sussex County Council debate at County Hall in May, Tory Councillors voted unanimously against fossil fuel divestment and against closing the ‘massive loopholes’ in the UK’s existing windfall tax on Big Oil reports Divest East Sussex.


In contrast, Green, Labour, Liberal Democrat and Independent Democrat Councillors all united to support the motion. You can read powerful five-minute speech by Sarah Hazlehurst, East Sussex Pension Fund Member, that opened the debate, here:

You can also read a short report from us at Divest East Sussex exploding three of the ‘terrible arguments’ put forward by the Conservative Councillors here:


What you can do now

To keep pressure up for real action on climate change, Divest East Sussex is asking all residents in the county to take two minutes to email their County Councillor following the vote – whether their councillor voted for or against the motion.

We have provided template emails to send – both for Conservative councillors who voted against the motion, and to other councillors who supported it. See more here:

A big thanks again to everyone who signed the petition calling for the debate, attended the debate or wrote to their Councillor – let’s keep the pressure up and let the council know we aren’t going away!




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