ESCC Climate Action Demo in Lewes

Tuesday 12 October
Are you part of a group that wants to be part of the largest demonstration outside County Hall to get East Sussex County Council to take real action on climate change? Get in touch with Divest East Sussex to learn more.

Divest East Sussex are hatching a plan.  On October 12th East Sussex County Council (ESCC) will be holding its last Full Council meeting before this year’s historic COP26 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow.  It will also be the 2nd anniversary of ESCC declaring a ‘climate emergency’.  So it’s a golden opportunity for campaigners to increase the pressure on ESCC for real climate action by staging the largest demo there’s ever been outside County Hall in Lewes.

Are you part of a group that would like to help make this happen?  If so, then please email, so that they can liaise with you.


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