1. Change to a renewable energy company today

2. Vote in the European elections on May 22nd – otherwise climate change
deniers could represent the UK

3. Move money away from fossil fuel companies  – see
moveyourmoney.org.uk  and shareaction.org

4. Support community renewable energy, like the people of Balcombe!

5. Write letters! Climate change deniers complain and write constantly. Time
for those who want to tackle climate change to be heard!

6. Sign the local petition against fracking

7. Talk to other people. Tell friends and family about the 2015 UN Climate
Change Conference in Paris – our main hope of a binding, universal agreement
on global carbon emissions.

8. Join KEEP IT IN THE GROUND Sussex. Everyone can do something – and it all
has a ripple effect Contact: ann@sharedenergy.org.uk or


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