See Jill’s video on her magnetic-strip secondary glazing –
more than 25,000 hits worldwide!

8 Wille Cottages
A popular eco-house in South Street, featuring magnetic-strip secondary glazing, LED lighting, lithium storage batteries, and friendly information on small ways to save energy and money about the house. Further details here…


  2 Warren Close
A renovated bungalow near Lewes prison featuring rainwater WCs, wildflower roof, solar panels, vegetables, compost, bees and high levels of insulation. Furniture and fittings are mostly second-hand or made from recycled materials. Further details here…


Visiting the houses

Julia and Jill are householders generously opening up to the public, so do please respect their homes. Keep to the main room of the house (unless the host takes you to see particular features), and supervise children.

Sorry, no dogs!

Do think of walking or cycling to the houses, or there are stops for the 28/29 bus within walking distance of both.

This is a free event, though we’d appreciate a donation to help with costs.