Donate a Drink relaunches

The Lewes Pound is relaunching its scheme in partnership with Depot Cinema that allows Depot visitors to donate the cost of a coffee to enable foodbank clients to fund a treat using Lewes pounds, as Susan Murray explains.

Since the Donate a Drink scheme launched at the Depot back in 2018 nearly 5,000 Lewes Pounds have been donated to clients of Lewes food banks. Of this, LP3,266 was collected at the Depot, some came from a bequest and some was donated directly by the Lewes Pound CIC.

This has allowed foodbank clients to treat themselves to things and activities they might otherwise have been unable to afford and has supported local businesses at the same time. One recipient said, for instance, that for the first time ever she was able to go into Bags of Books and buy books for her grandchildren for Christmas.


Donate the cost of a coffee

The various lockdowns and other restrictions during the pandemic made it much more difficult to either donate the cost of a coffee or go out and spend LPs. As things gradually return to normal, though, it is time to think about people in our town who are finding life financially challenging – especially with prices of fuel and other essentials set to rise sharply.

So we hope that visitors to the Depot will again add the cost of a coffee to their bill to help enable food bank clients to have a meal out, see a film or buy something special. They can do this at the till at Depot or when using the Hopt app to order.

The success of the scheme at the Depot has prompted the Lewes Pound to go out and encourage other Lewes businesses to participate in Donate a Drink. We hope that the first one will be up and running very shortly – watch this space.



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