Transport special: Brighton & Hove – ditch the car and earn rewards 

Travel in or visit Brighton & Hove frequently? Over the next year, you can earn rewards points or tickets for prize draws for making active and sustainable travel choices, whether travelling by foot, bike or public transport.

BetterPoints is a rewards programme for anyone ditching the car and making more active and sustainable travel choices. It’s now running in Brighton & Hove until 31st Jan 2023 as part of its Move for Change campaign – with rewards provided by dozens of local stores and businesses.


How BetterPoints works

Residents and commuters to Brighton & Hove can download the BetterPoints app. You can then track sustainable and active journeys to earn BetterPoints which can be redeemed against retail offers or donated to charities plus BetterTickets to win prizes.

For example, you can

  • Kick off your rewards by earning 250 BetterPoints for answering some short questions about your activity levels and travel habits
  • Earn 10 BetterPoints up to two times a day by walking, wheeling, cycling or running in Brighton & Hove
  • Earn 10 BetterPoints up to two times a day by taking the bus or train for journeys over 1/2 mile in Brighton & Hove.
  • Earn 10 BetterTickets (up to four times a day) into the draw for every active or sustainable travel journey over 1/2 mile in Brighton & Hove.

Points can be redeemed against offers from a range of local retailers and businesses, including HISBE, Infinity Foods, BikeShed, and Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.
BetterPoints is only open to people with a smartphone as activity needs to be monitored and reported using the BetterPoints app and a smartphone’s GPS. Learn more and join up here:


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