Jill has always had queues of visitors to her Victorian brick terraced cottage on open days, eager to see the cheap and near-invisible magnetic-strip secondary glazing that her house features. She and colleagues have made a video demonstrating and explaining all about it, which has now had well over 25,000 hits on YouTube; see: EcoLewes. She urges you to watch it before visiting! You might also like to print out a simple self-guide floorplan of the features of Jill’s house (8 Wille Cottages floorplan) – the house gets quite busy sometimes so this will give you a good start.

8 Wille Cottages  

The house also features LED lighting (see Jill’s beginner’s guide to LED), and Jill again hopes to be hosting a special display of LED lights by Lewes LED experts EFT Electrical (eft-electrical.com) – just the place to see how the lighting looks and learn how much money you’ll instantly start saving.

8 Wille Cottages has had solar PV since 2010, and now has lithium storage batteries, which not only reduce mains electricity usage to the minimum but also provide emergency power in the event of an outage.

Jill can also talk to you about insulation, underfloor heating, and small ways about the house for you to save money and the planet. Her work on creating an energy-saving house has qualified her as a SuperHome, a national network of homes which have reduced their energy usage by at least 60% and which hold open days to show how to make your home greener, warmer and cheaper to run.

8 Wille Cottages    8 Wille Cottages

8 Wille Cottages


See these web pages for more information:

Jill’s detailed factsheet on the house: tinyurl.com/8WCinfo
Jill’s detailed Superhomes website entry: www.superhomes.org.uk/82
Jill’s own house website: www.jillgoulder.plus.com/green/
Jill’s magnetic secondary glazing factsheet: www.tinyurl.com/JG-magstrip