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2015: A TTL year of health and well-being

In 2015, Transition Town Lewes is putting health, happiness and well-being at the top of its agenda – asking what can we do at a personal and community level to be healthier and feel better.


Supporting physical and mental health has always been on the Transition Town Lewes (TT) agenda, and at our seventh birthday celebrations in June this year it was something that many people said they'd like to see us focus on a lot more. 


So, over the next year we want to explore how the particular strengths and knowledge in and around TTL can be used to complement other services related to health and well-being available in the town - and of course what's provided by the NHS. Most of all, we want to open a debate as to what we can each do at a grass-roots, community level to be healthier, feel better and help others do the same. Read more...

1 Jan 1970.

Supporting Public Transport

Transition Town Lewes believes that good public transport with good local connections is essential if we are to reduce our carbon emissions. We can all resolve to use existing services more so that no-one can say that are not used and therefore not needed, but there are also a number of local resources and campaigns that TTL supporters can link to. More...

1 Jan 1970.

News in brief from Ovesco

Transition HKD has launched HKD Energy to install solar panels at Dowlands School in Hassocks following OVESCO’s training on how to set up an Energy Co-op. Read more in the Mid Sussex Times news.  The OVESCO team is training Transition groups across Sussex and expects to see more share issue launches in 2015.  For more information about training and future share issues contact See OVESCO offers mentoring service for energy groups in the South East 

The Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Ed Davey MP and Norman Baker MP visited Harveys Depot in Lewes to see community energy in action. More about the ministerial visit here...

OVESCO supports pop up energy in Newhaven Town Centre and Ollie Pendered will be helping local residents to check their bills two days a week. OVESCO is looking for volunteer who are interested in training to become local energy champions as part of the Big Energy Saving Network. For information about training and bill checking contact or call OVESCO in Lewes on 01273 472405.

OVESCO is offering to support communities in the SE with applications for the Rural and Urban Community Energy Fund. The fund will help communities with initial project development costs for renewable energy and help them take their projects to a pre planning application stage. For more information and help with an application, feasibility study and how to set up an energy Co-op contact

1 Jan 1970.

L&OVe - planning for nature at the heart of well-being


There's lots going on to light things up as the days shorten and darkness comes earlier... L&OVe for Phoenix Rising; L&OVe for our Neighbourhood; L&OVe for trees and their benefits and L&OVe for Health & Happiness... Read it here...

1 Jan 1970.

Volunteers needed at Lewes Food Market

Thinking of volunteering? ...Lewes Food Market would love to hear from you. All the information is here...


Apart from one paid employee (our market manager) all the routine tasks and administration of the market are done by volunteers - and we really could do with some more!
If you're able to help then we want to hear from you! Please phone 07824711727. More...


1 Jan 1970.

Should Transition Town Lewes actively support the Living Wage?

A proposal by Ann Link

  I have recently been inspired by the examples of York, Croydon and Brighton declaring themselves Living Wage cities and towns and I want to gauge support in TTL.

Is it a ‘campaign’ (with political charge & therefore possibly not for us?) or is it a ‘citizen response to transform society’ (in which case may be relevant to Transition initiatives – see below)

This is a current issue since Living Wage Week is November 2nd to 8th - please respond and give your views. Read more...
1 Jan 1970.

Helping Lewes’ independent traders

Do you wish to support our local independent traders?

Do you wish to see the local economy being 3 x more valuable to Lewes?


If so, we need to get the Lewes Pound circulating more around Lewes. We have a simple request: PLEASE, when you go shopping in Lewes, whatever shop you go to ask for Lewes Pounds in your change. If you get Lewes Pounds in your change, then PLEASE go and re-spend them. There are up to 80 traders that take Lewes Pounds – find them here and go and spend the Lewes Pounds you get in your change with them. If you make this a habit, it could have a huge positive impact!

ASK FOR your CHANGE in Lewes Pounds!!


1 Jan 1970.

Learning through Nature

The activities in this book are designed to help children develop practical and social skills, to be aware of their place in the world and to respect their environment – all whilst having fun in the great outdoors! Read more...


Learning with Nature Book: A how-to guide to inspiring children through outdoor games and activities.

Written by Circle of Life Rediscovery's founder and managing director Marina Robb and co-authored by Anna Richardson and Victoria Mew.

1 Jan 1970.

L&OVe Big Benefits - Neighbourhood Plan & Lewes's Trees


Our early autumn update profiles an exciting project to quantify the value of Lewes' trees in support of FoL's Urban Arboretum project. Plus we report on the recent open day for the Neighbourhood Plan, helping to create a resilient and community-driven future for our town.

If you'd like to help with the Lewes iTree survey, please email Colin Tingle.  If you'd like to help with the Neighbourhood Plan please eMail Susan Murray. Here's the latest update from Lewes & Ouse Valley eco-nomics...

1 Jan 1970.

Feedback on 2014 Lewes Eco Open Houses

  Overall Lewes Eco Open Houses had nearly 800 house visits for the 16 houses opened and, not surprisingly, the newer houses saw the most people.

Feedback from householders and volunteers indicated that visitors were very focussed on getting practical information to do jobs themselves, especially the low cost – high impact ones such as Magnetic secondary glazing and LEDs. This was really heartening as we all got the impression that we were inspiring people to change. This is dramatically borne out by the figures from the feedback forms, where we asked the question ‘Do you intend to make your home more energy efficient?’. More...

1 Jan 1970.

Norman Baker launches Lewes Eco Open Houses


Lewes MP Norman Baker officially launched Lewes Eco Open Houses, which will be held over the weekends of 13-14 and 20-21 September


Press release here...

Sixteen homes in Lewes, Barcombe, Ditchling, Rodmell and rural areas, will be open to the public to see how you can save money on energy and water bills, whilst staying warm and comfortable and reducing your carbon footprint. With fuel costs rising and changeable weather patterns increasing, the Eco Open Houses trail is an invaluable way to see first-hand how to make your home cheaper to run and more comfortable.  Details of all the houses and opening hours are at

1 Jan 1970.

The Lewes Pound becomes part of the Union


Local currency provider opens first business account at East Sussex Credit Union

Left: Nikki Plummer 0f East Sussex Credit Union with Susan Murray of The Lewes Pound.

East Sussex Credit Union, the county's leading 'not for profit' savings and loans co-operative has confirmed that The Lewes Pound has become its first business member. The news comes hot on the heels of the credit union's recent announcement that it would be opening its doors to the local business community, since when there has been growing interest from firms across East Sussex. More...

1 Jan 1970.

Old for New!! Old for New!!”

Do you still have copies of the previous issue of the Lewes Pound in your purse or wallet? They might be the special issue celebrating the Mumford and Sons event or they might be our beautiful LP1 notes featuring designs based on Harvey's Brewery or Keere Street by young people. Or maybe you even have one of our LP10 notes featuring the then newly open Linklater Pavilion.

Now is the time to swap them for our even more beautifully designed 2014 issue notes, including the LP5 and LP1 notes designed by a local schoolgirl as part of the 750th anniversary of the Battle of Lewes and the LP 10 celebrating the South Downs National Park. You can take your old notes into any of our issuing points and they will be happy to swap them over for you.

You will then be ready to carry on supporting local businesses by spending our own local currency until 2020.

1 Jan 1970.

Why support local shops?

At his workshop in Lewes last month, Rob Hopkins called the supermarkets "extractive industries" because they export wealth from the town. It can be estimated that Lewes people spend about £21 million pounds a year on food. (1)

Most of that, maybe £16 million, does still go to the supermarkets despite the growth of the Farmers' Market and Food Market.

Rob talked about the enormous potential of diverting even a tenth of those millions to local businesses. Think what a transformative effect even £2 million would have in terms of local jobs - and much of this money would again be spent locally.

Spending £10 in a local shop is worth £25 to the local economy because of local re-spending. And local food shops employ three times as many people for the same amount of turnover.

It is possible to obtain virtually all food needs in our local independent shops and markets. See Where to buy  And price need not be a barrier for many people - see Lewes Food Market's price comparison 


1 Jan 1970.

Community currencies are in action across Europe

The practice of community currencies is at a crucial point in its global history - never before have there been so many initiatives, models, theories and widespread hopes in the field as today. People are turning to currencies as solutions for social, economic and environmental challenges in their communities - whether communities of traders, local residents or health and social care providers.

By creating new ways to exchange time and goods, new currencies provide a valuable addition to conventional money and the narrowly profit orientated economies it supports. They allow people to build connections that don’t depend on how many pounds you might have in your wallet, purse or bank account. Thanks to advances in technology and a big increase in the awareness of the need to form economically and environmentally sustainable communities, discussions on how to make money work better for people are now entering mainstream policy debates.  READ MORE

1 Jan 1970.

Great Performance - East Sussex Credit Union

The East Sussex Credit Union (ESCU) are definitely a local good news story, based on the negativity and horror stories that we have seen lately.  These include the serious operational and general issues surrounding high interest lenders and loan sharks and the horrendous effects that their actions are having on unsuspecting borrowers. Read more...

1 Jan 1970.

CAT Clean Slate Journal

You might like to read this inspiring edition of the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) journal Clean Slate; it covers all the bases about climate change, divestment and our response. Recommended by Ann Link of TTL.

1 Jan 1970.

The Seven Year Itch - thanks for coming!

A big thank-you to everyone who supported Transition Town Lewes' seventh birthday at the wonderful and unique Zu Studios on 12 June.

  A packed venue heard from Transition founder Rob Hopkins (left) on how ‘just doing stuff’ really can make a difference (and got a whistle-stop tour around the greater and lesser-known similarities between Lewes and Totnes. Did you know both towns are exactly 6 miles from the sea? Thanks Rob, neither did we.)

East Sussex Bach Choir provided some rousing community song while legendary prog-rocker Arthur Brown performed two specially-penned songs in aid of Phoenix Rising's alternative community development bid for the North Street industrial site.  READ MORE...

Read Rob Hopkins blog: We kick off our month on 'Transition and Celebration' with 10 Tips for great Transition celebration...  

1 Jan 1970.

OVESCO Confirmed as an Ashden 2014 Award winner

Ovesco secured an award worth £10,000 at the Ashden Awards ceremony on the 22nd of May for its work on renewable energy in Lewes District.

More on the Ovesco IPS website...
23 May 2014.
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