Call for Letters of Support for the Ecological Land Co-operative

  The Ecological Land Co-operative (ELC) is a social enterprise and not-for-profit community benefit society set up in 2009 to address the lack of opportunities for new entrants to ecological farming and horticulture. Please support our current planning application to create three affordable residential smallholdings for new entrants to ecological agriculture, in the village of Arlington, East Sussex. Read more

As a Sussex resident, it would be very useful to have your comments as a potential customer to the smallholdings. Would you welcome the production of more ecological food? Would you be a customer of the produce if it came to Lewes? Are you already a patron of the farmers market? Is there demand in Lewes for more ecologically produced food? Your support would be hugely appreciated and the deadline for letters is April 27th.

Please go to the ELC web page with instructions of how to submit a letter of support here... Thank you!