Farming, caves and capitalism

Dirk Campbell
Dirk Campbell

The funny and perceptive series Simon Evans Goes to Market is currently being repeated on Radio 4. In the programme on grain, Jim Rogers, American commodities investor, says 'Over the last ten years or so the world has consumed more than it has produced, and when you consume more than you produce, the supply has to come from somewhere. So we've been whittling down our inventories, our stocks, so that now inventories of agricultural products are near historic lows. Agriculture has been such a horrible business for thirty years that we're now running out of farmers. Nobody wants to be a farmer. In America the average age of farmers is 58, in Japan it's 66, in Canada it's the oldest in recorded history, in Australia it's 58 – nobody wants to be a farmer. In America more people study public relations than study agriculture.'

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The problems with climate change

I suppose that by now most people will understand - well, most people outside the White House - that one of the most serious problems that climate change will bring is unpredictability. How do you grow crops, if you don't know when to plant them? Though of course this only a worry for those of us who actually eat food.

A few days back I was talking to someone who grew up on the banks of the Winterbourne. If you don't know it, it's the stream that runs ( occasionally ) between the town of Lewes, and its extramural suburb, Southover... 
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Jon Gunson
Jon Gunson


 The Lewes Pound Celebration Pack

      When the Lewes Pound first launched 9 years ago our aims were to support local traders, keep money circulating within Lewes and help reduce CO2 emissions. We were surprised that there was so much outside interest in our project and amazed to discover that there were collectors far and wide who wanted to acquire our local currency. We put together collectors packs priced at £10.00 and £50.00 (postage extra) and have done a steady trade in them over the years, with the income helping to support our ongoing work supporting Lewes. Read more...


Jill's talking rubbish

Veolia   A team from Lewes (see photo of us all kitted up) took up the offer noted in the TTL newsletter of a tour of the Hollingdean Materials Recycling Facility, operated by Veolia as are the Newhaven and Whitesmith sites. Hollingdean processes the recycling from Brighton & Hove District; they, Lewes and Wealden Districts all have different recycling regimes, so here are some notes on the differences and on what happens to the recycled materials. Read more by Jill Goulder...


Lewes for a Living Wage are a group campaigning to bring the real Living Wage to the town of Lewes, East Sussex. They have conducted a series of interviews with local employees and business owners to find out about the potential benefits of becoming a Living Wage Town. Here's what they had to say:

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A takeaway - without the side order of polystyrene


Could we do this in Lewes?

Transition Town Hastings are starting an initiative to encourage local takeaways and food outlets to use more eco-friendly packaging than plastic or particularly polystyrene. This is part of a wider campaign to reduce litter on the beaches and in the sea, and they hope to get support from the local council and possibly the Foreshore Trust. And it will tie in with another marine litter project to create artwork from litter on the beaches.

They’re at the planning stage currently, and wondered whether other Transition groups in coastal areas would be interested in mutually supporting, sharing ideas etc.

They plan a scheme of community recognition and support for food outlets that move to more sustainable packaging, perhaps through awarding certificates or at least stickers for them to put in their windows. They also hope for press coverage to encourage local engagement. They’re targeting independent take-aways for now as retailers have less control over the packaging they sell food in. But their hope is to raise awareness more generally about the environmental effects of food packaging, and then move onto bigger things.If anyone is interested in starting an initiative in Lewes or has some expertise or ideas that they are prepared to put into practice, do please contact Julia


You have it in your power to help our local shops

As an individual, YOU do make a difference – Shop local and show your power!

shop local   Our local independent stores and traders NEED you. YOU can make a real difference to their survival – you can save them from going under; you can help them to thrive! We now know that a single individual’s spending makes a real difference to a Local independent shop. If you value them being here, use them and take a New Year pledgeRead more...


 TTL March Social

7.30pm, Monday 27 March 2017, The Lewes Arms

  Don't miss the monthly Transition Town Lewes get-together. If you're new to TTL or just want to find out more, come along and share your ideas, whether you're interested in local food growing, renewable energy, green transport, inspiring films and talks, or something else. Everyone warmly welcome. Call Juliet on 07887 556 177. (There's no room booked so just wander round until you find us!)


Lewes area renewable energy sites


Worth a click...

A little video about electric cars and how they might influence global oil prices as they become cheaper, safer and more reliable:

The Peak Oil Myth and the Rise of the Electric Car


LED Lighting

Confused about lightbulbs and wha to buy? Is it worth changing your existing ones for LED?


Read this excellent new short easy guide: LED Lighting: A Beginner's Guide (2016) by one of our local Eco Open House hosts, Jill Goulder.

And see here for some illustrations of LED ‘warm’ lighting.


Transition Town Lewes (TTL)  is a network of Lewes people. We’re working on local solutions in response to the global problems of climate change, economic change and the end of cheap energy and other resources.

Please get in touch if you would like to meet some of the people involved in project work for TTL.

And don't forget to subscribe to the TTL monthly newsletter to keep up to date with our news and events.

Transition is about the creation of resilient communities. It's not about campaigning but designing. It's about putting in place systems that will help us to deal with the big changes that are on the way. Those changes will be in three main areas: energy, the economy and the environment. Read more and get linked in to the bigger picture!

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Together we can achieve so much more. We’re fuelled by local ingenuity and a passion for positive change in challenging times. This is our town, our future, so get in touch to share your ideas and be involved.

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